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I created this page in order to share some of my fun and adventures. Below you will notice pictures of me wearing different hats. Each hat represents some of the things I do when I am not working. Perhaps some of these items might lighten your day.

Hunting. This is a great outdoor activity if you don't mind a little cold and discomfort. And if you know that steaks aren't manufactured in little plastic wrapped bundles. All life is sacred and should not be wasted. Hunting is the fair chase of game which ends with a good meal. Skills range from scouting where to hunt, patience to wait for the right moment, skill to place a killing shot, tracking, knowledge of meat preparation and of course cooking/eating.

Ever been hunting? Come and visit some deer hunts an elk hunt or a goose hunt.

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Fishing. This also provides the same chances to enjoy and explore the wonders of God's world and all He has given for our use and care. It is not enought that we might observe, but we must carefully nurture and harvest that which has been given to us. I like to eat fresh fish that I have caught and cleaned rather than depend on fish that has been riding on ice from the commercial fisherman, to the wholesaler, to the truck and finally the supermarket. Let's go fishing

Silver Comet Trail Hiking and Camping. Guess what? Walking through the hills and valleys can extend you life and make it more pleasurable. Why stay inside and exercise when (weather permitting) you can breathe fresh air and view breathtaking scenery. Backpacking and camping where no airplane/train/car can take you. Walking in or perhaps riding in a mule/horse packtrain is an adventure just of itself. Check out the page I built for the Kennesaw Outdoor Activities Club hosted by Earthlink.

Visit Kennesaw Outdoor Activities Club.

Silver Comet Trail

Genealogy. On those days that it is not possible to do the other activities, then a little research into your ancestors might just be the ticket. No, this is not always an indoor, pouring thru archives thing, but will involve meeting your distant and perhaps unknown relatives.
Family Names

By the way, this is a picture of John Johnson McMichen.

Meet my Grand-young'uns (New Picture)

Blue Grass Rules - Picture to comeMusic. Because of a very talented musicial family (uncles and cousins) I never was inclined to try to play or sing. Later in life after I tried, I found that I was missing a rich and rewarding hobby. Any talent, no matter how small, needs to be developed.

Don't waste time as I did!

This is a tenor banjo tuned as a baritone uke.

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Southeast Bluegrass Association

Shooting Using Stoney Point Products

Georgia Shooting Ranges

See Steve's Pages for a Good Site on Reloading Data.

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